Planning a sunset

Situation: We intend to travel to the Canadian Rockies and have a photo in mind in the Assiniboine massif area with some mountains in the background and we want to…

Planning a moonrise

Situation: We have imagined a photo or we have seen something that we want to do ourselves from a moon rise over some pieces of ice on Jökursárlón beach in…

Colored moon at moonrises and moonset

The same way the sun is white when up in the sky and changes to warmer color and finally to red during sunset and sunrise, the moon also changes during…

The magic hour

We call the magical hours of the sun, those in which, by their quality, they imprint on landscape photography (mainly) an undeniable personality, whether perceived as color, atmosphere, …. There…

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Planner: The Black Pin

Meet the Black Pin or the position pin.

Here it is the observer or where we’ll place the camera.

Planner: Date and Time

As we need to plan for any date, knowing the use of the controls is a basic task.

But, don’t be afraid as the steps to mastering the date and time is easy.

Planner: The interface

Meet for the first time the Planner.

A short video showing the different parts of the interface.

Planner – The Moon

Let’s learn everything related to the Moon lines. What do we watch in this video: Working only with the moon lines The meaning of the colour of the lines Knowing…

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User guide

Want to know how the app works, but you don’t know where to start? This User Guide will help you understanding every aspect of The Photographer’s Assistant.

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Keyboard shortcuts

The app is prepared to work blazing fast with the combo of mouse and keyboard. Learn all the useful shortcuts that’ll help you in your plannings.

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We know that ther are a lot of terms that are technical or very specific. Here you can find what are them. Don’t stay without learning something new and useful!

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Quick answers to most frequently asked question.

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