It is the light reflected on the surface of the Earth that illuminates the part in the moon’s shadow. It usually occurs on dates near the new moon and is especially visible in winter when much of the Earth’s surface is covered in snow. Time and Date


Astronomical event that occurs when the moon stands between the sun and Earth (solar eclipse) or when the Earth stands between the sun and the moon (lunar eclipse). Time and Date


See ecliptic plane.

Ecliptic plane

Also called an orbital plane, it is the imaginary line that apparently traces the sun in the sky or the projection of Earth’s orbit into the celestial sphere. All constellations, including Ophiucus, are known as zodiacal or zodiac constellations.


Vertical angle between the object (usually a celestial body such as the sun or moon) and the horizon. Measured at angles in degrees between 0º (on the horizon) and 90º (directly above the observer or zenith) and 0º and -90º (exactly below or nadir). Wikipedia /  Time  and date


Event that occurs twice a year (March and September equinox) when the Earth’s equator is aligned with the center of the sun. Time and Date/  Wikipedia.

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