Why The Photographer’s Assistant? What is different to other apps?

In The Photographer’s Assistant you can use fully your computer screen (several times bigger than any phone screen) to plan your dreamed photos.

The use of keyboard and mouse it’s faster than touching the screen, even you can use also your fingers to control the app.

Preview your plans in GoogleEarth-like surface of the world in 3D. Now you can view if sunrise/sunset lights and more are blocked by an obstacle or not at a glance, with no further complicated calculations.

Does it work for my country/city/place?

Yes. The Photographer’s Assistant works anywhere on the Earth.

Are accurate the calculations?

Yes. Inner app calculations are accurate up to 0.1º (often up to 0.01º, more than enough for any kind of landscape photography). External data providers as BingMaps could affect to the accuracy of the map and altitude.

Is Internet required to use?

There’s no need of Internet to calculate the photographic events.

Internet is only required to use the map, get lightning and storm data, and to forecast auroras. But, The Photographer Assistant can cache parts of the map you have visited previously.

Is my app up to date?

Latest version (v1.2.x and higher) of the app notifies the user that there’s an updated version of the app to download.

Another way to check if we’re using the latest version, is visiting Microsoft Store at https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9NBLGGH5Q066 and trying to download from there.

Where can I start learning how to use The Photographer’s Assistant?

Start with the User Guide and videos you’ll find on this website.

There is, also, a section of articles about types of light, moon photography, … and about the app.

Remember that User Guide is also within app, both in english and in spanish (at the time).

I have an idea to improve the app, how can I send you?

You can send feedback through the CONTACT form, by e-mail or by FB page messages section.

I’m having some problems or I have found an error within the app. How can I solve it?

You can send feedback through the CONTACT form or by e-mail.

Try sending as much information as possible: where it happens (which assistant, calculator, …), how it happens (the steps to reproduce the problem). If it’s possible, send us screnshots of the problem.

We’ll try to correct as fast as possible,

Privacy Policy

We don’t collect any personal information in the app nor in our servers. 3rd party services such as elevation and maps use anonymous info for requested data.